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Spartan Football

Spartan Football Registration is nearly complete


Rosters are filling fast and we currently have spots for the following age groups:


1st/2nd Grade Rookie Football CLICK HERE to Register


3rd Grade Rookie Football CLICK HERE to Register


4th Grade AFC South CLICK HERE to Register


5th Grade please email as we only have a spot left for an NFC player


6th Grade CLICK HERE to Register


7th Grade CLICK HERE to Register


8th Grade CLICK HERE to Register


All players registered and paid, or on payment plan, prior to June 17th will have the chance to choose their jersey number.  After June 17th you will be assigned a jersey number based on availably.


by posted 04/22/2019
2019 Fall Football Registration now open

Registration will open on Wednesday, April 15th, 2019.  

All returning players must be signed up by June 4, 2019 to guarantee a roster spot on your last year’s team. NFC players must have coach’s invitation and code.

Early Bird Registration April 15th - April 30th Midnight -  $350.00

Regular Registration - May 1st - June 15th  @ Midnight $ 375.00

Late Registration June 16th - July 31st @ Midnight $425.00

Any registrations after August 1st is $450.00 


This years football registration will include a reversible jersey, 3 day football camp, and 5 nights of training with Elite Speed and Performance.  You must be registered and paid not later than June 17th to guarentee your players roster # for unifrom ordering.  All registrations after this date will be given a number based on the size they are ordering.  JERSEYS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE SPARTAN STORE FOR FITTINGS.  ORDER A SIZE UP WHEN UNSURE OF SIZE.  ONCE REGISTERED AND PAID JERSEYS WILL BE ORDERED AND CANNOT BE EXCHANGED.


We will continue to offer multi-family discounts for those parents ($35 per each additional registered player) who have multiple kids playing Fall Football.  Payment plans will on be offered on regular registration ONLY and must stay current.  If your card is declined and you do not notify Dana with new card #, you will be expected to pay the balance in full within 10 days.   It is your responsibility to notify Spartans if you receive a new card that needs to replace an existing card on the payment plan.   Any player with an outstanding balance when games start will NOT PLAY until their balance is paid in full.  This will be strictly enforced this year.


Your registration will automatically default to the next payment structure if payment is not paid during the registration time period.  Example, if you register during Early Bird and do not make payment, you will then incur the regular registration rate.  No discounts will be given after the date has passed for that registration period.  Checks must be post marked 2 days prior to close of that registration time period in order to receive that registration fee, no exceptions.


Registrations received after July 15th will be placed on an as needed basis only.


REGISTRATIONS COMPLETED ON LINE ARE NOT COMPLETE AND PLAYERS ARE NOT PLACED ON A TEAM UNTIL A COPY OF AN OFFICIAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Please follow the instructions during the registration process to upload a .pdf file of your player's birth certificate or fax it to the Spartan Store.


Spartans is a non-profit organization and therefore has a no-refund policy once team’s practices have begun (7/22/2019). Any request made prior to this will be assessed a $25.00 administrative fee.



CLICK HERE to Register for 4th Grade

CLICK HERE to Register for 5th Grade

CLICK HERE to Register for 6th Grade

CLICK HERE to Register for 7th Grade

CLICK HERE to Register for 8th Grade


CLICK HERE to Register for NFC

by posted 04/15/2019
Rookie Tackle Football

The Spartans and the AYL are extremely excited to announce the creation of our ROOKIE TACKLE FOOTBALL LEAGUE for 2019!  The AYL Rookie Tackle Football League (RFL) has been designed as a bridge between Flag football and our traditional competitive tackle football program.  The RFL is focused on grades from 1st through 3rd only, provides full tackle experience, and is limited to 8 players per side and smaller roster sizes.

Features of the new RFL:

  • 8 players vs 8 players
  • Rosters limited to 16 players
  • Equal play required!
  • No Special Teams play, kick offs or punts!
  • Play on a 60 yard by 40 yard field (same as 4th grade)
  • Games are 20 plays per quarter at 1st & 2nd grade, 22 players per quarter for 3rd grade
  • Coaches on the field for both offense and defense
  • No Blitzing allowed
  • Full run and pass offenses allowed

The elimination of Special Teams play improves the safety of the game by removing the potential of long runs with two players colliding at high speed for the tackle.  The establishment of equal play provides the best possible development aspect for players new to tackle football.  In fact our AYL RFL will require the specific players must play an entire quarter, both as offense and defense, before any substions are allowed!

In the mean time should you have any questions please contact Brian at football@spartanyouthclub.com.

Registration will include a reversible jersey, three days football camp put on by the local high schools, and 5 weeks of conditioning with Elite Speed and Performance.

Registratation is $265.00.  Registration will open on April 15th.


by posted 04/08/2019
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