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Spartan Lacrosse Families,

Listed below are some exciting SUMMER lacrosse options.

The Spartan Youth Club run an organized SPRING and FALL lacrosse program ---- but the Summer months offer several unique opportunities for our boys as well:

  • Each of these options may be great fit for your son --- please direct all questions to the “contact info person” listed under each option…


Predator Lacrosse Camp

1.  Camp will run from 7/19 - 7/22 and be held at Eaglecrest High School

2.  The cost is $100 if you register by 7/15

3.  Contact Info:  Austin Lanpher @ 407-467-5219 or


Boomtown Lacrosse Camp w/ Dillon Roy & Eric Law  (Denver Outlaw players)

  1. A week-long camp held at Falcon Creek middle school  

  2. The camp runs from 7/11 – 7/14

  3. Dillon and Eric are professional lacrosse players that give exceptional lacrosse training, tips, and advice

  4. They also seem to have more fun teaching lacrosse than anyone I’ve ever seen

  5. Spartan players have participated in this camp for the last several years and parents always tell me how much their kids love this camp

  6. Spartan Families will receive a 15% discount

  7. Registration Link: http://www.boomtownlacrosse.com/spartans


POWLAX Predators Lacrosse Club:  Summer tournament teams

  1. Several Aurora High School coaches from Grandview, Eaglecrest, and Cherokee Trail have formed a new Summer tournament lacrosse club

  2. Tryouts for this Summer have already taken place, but a few teams may have a spot available…..

  3. Contact Info:  Patrick Chapla at

  4. Website Info:  www.powlax.com


X10 Lacrosse Camp w/ Matt Bocklet (Denver Outlaw)

  1. Matt Bocklet, his brothers and sister host a week-long camp in the mountains

  2. The camp runs from 7/25 – 7/28

  3. Sign up for The X10Lacrosse Overnight Camp before May 24th and receive 10% off when entering "spartanlax" coupon code.


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  4. X10 Colorado Camp Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBNxp7CpHE

  5. X10 Lacrosse is a family run overnight lacrosse camp

  6. The Bocklet siblings have been putting on these camps for the past 5 summers

  7. The camp is unique because the Bocklet's modeled it after their childhoods, which were filled with many activities outside of lacrosse

  8. When campers are not learning the game of lacrosse from our great staff, they are participating in outdoor activities and other sports

  9. It does not matter how much lacrosse experience a camper has because coaches are there to teach all levels

  10. X10 is about developing the well-rounded athlete/person that wants to get better at lacrosse, but also participate in other sports and activities

  11. For more info visit: www.X10Lacrosse.com

  12. Contact the Director Matt Bocklet: 



Lastly, the Spartan “FALL LAX LEAGUE” will take place again this Fall……


More details will be coming out in early August for this league that runs for 6-weeks in September & October.


  • The Spartans Fall LAX League is held on Sunday afternoons so it does not conflict with Saturday youth football games




Scott Mannix

Spartan Lacrosse Director



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