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Welcome to Spartan Softball!



All girls over age 5 and under 14-years-old are invited to participate. High School Softball season runs concurrent with the AYL league and we direct those girls entering high school to thier perspective high school team.   We accept girls at all skill levels and there are no try-outs. We are officially classified as a recreational girl’s fast-pitch softball league, however unofficially we fall somewhere between city recreation leagues and competitive leagues. Spartan softball gives players coming from a summer city league a bit more competition and those girls who have been playing tournaments all summer can come, have fun and maybe try out a new position.

Our eight-week season (from the beginning of August to the beginning of October) is a wonderful time of year; we rarely have games canceled due to weather. The season culminates with an all-participation, Double-elimination tournament (2 games guaranteed).

 At the end of the season the AYL Softball board may elect to divide the division into a “Gold” and “Silver” division for the playoff tournament. At the instructional level, 8U the team coach will pitch during the games. The rest of the divisions are player-pitch. AYL has introduced Competitive teams that can compete against other Competitive teams within their respective age groups.  We follow standard high school rules with specific exceptions for each division that are review at the end of every season. You can access the newest revision of the Override Rule Book on the Arapahoe Youth League website (aylsports.org).


Current softball information is typically posted in late March to early April with registration beginning on or around May 1st of each year. Registration fees, which may vary from year to year, do not include a uniform. The required uniform is a jersey, pants and socks. These can be purchased at the Spartan Store at 6920 S Jordan Road, Suite C, Centennial, CO 80112. You must also have a regulation softball mitt and many girls purchase their own bats. If this is your first year, I would suggest NOT purchasing a bat (they can be pricey) until you are sure your child likes to play!

Contact the Spartan Softball board:

Sarah Hagardt