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The Spartans primary colors are Purple and White tops with purple pants.

With almost 50 teams, EVERY Spartan team will have to purchase home/away jerseys to accommodate other Spartan teams and other clubs with the same color.  The league (AYL) now has over 250 teams and it's not feasible to have only one jersey.

First year parents should expect to purchase the following items for their child:

a.  Purple Spartans Helmet with black facemask and chin strap

b.  Home/Away Spartans game Jerseys (purchased at team fitting thru Spartan Store)

c.  Purple Spartans game pants

d.  Practice jerseys and pants (Buy used!!) - Kids should not practice in game uniforms..

d.  Shoulder Pads (Buy used!!)

e.  Football Cleats

f.   Girdle insert to fit inside the players pants

g.  Colored mouthpiece (Have it specially molded to fit your child's teeth)

h.  Socks

i.   Registration DOES NOT include a uniform and uniforms are purchased separately


**The Spartans would recommend waiting to purchase any football equipment until you are absolutely certain your child has been placed on a team or you have been contacted by your coach.  The Spartans will not be responsible for the reimbursement of any costs associated with the purchase of any equipment in the event your child cannot be placed on a team.  So please make sure your child has a team and a coach before you buy equipment.



Please note that only certain equipment is approved for league use.  The Spartans do not recommend players playing with or using unapproved equipment that has not been checked out by an AYL league official or vendor licensed to sell football equipment.  Many parents seek to offset the costs and use equipment purchased at garage sales or equipment used by an older sibling.  This is not an approved method and serious injury can result if the child is not properly fitted or uses damaged equipment.  We recommend that your child gets fitted with equipment designed for THEM - and not equipment worn years ago by an older brother!  Again, the Spartans and/or the AYL does not accept responsibility for any possible injuries.